Top 7 Incredible Health Benefits of Ceylon Cinnamon

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Health Benefits of Ceylon Cinnamon

Ceylon ‘true’ cinnamon is an appraised spice across countries and continents. The great taste, the heavenly aroma, and making a dish look scrumptious aren’t the only specialties of true cinnamon. The countless number of Health Benefits of Ceylon Cinnamon adds to the elite value of Ceylon cinnamon.

From baking delightful desserts to adding flavor to mouthwatering curries, Ceylon cinnamon earned its respect in the modern-day and ethnic cuisines. Ceylon cinnamon is fundamental to accomplish the goal of a healthy life, free from even the most common health complications. The secret to the magic that Ceylon cinnamon works are its amazing medical properties. How can Ceylon cinnamon make a person healthy?

Below are seven incredible Health Benefits of Ceylon Cinnamon :

Cinnamon is an Antioxidants

Health Benefits of Ceylon Cinnamon - Cinnamon is an Antioxidants

When we are talking about the benefits of Ceylon cinnamon, we cannot ignore the antioxidant properties that Ceylon cinnamon bestows. Antioxidants are a significant part of our diet. The damage done by free radicals is often underestimated. Free radicals that we intake on a daily basis with our food can harm us. Fortunately, the presence of antioxidants in Ceylon cinnamon can reverse these effects. Consuming cinnamon can protect our body against free radicals. Studies have shown that cinnamon can top a lot of other food types in this aspect. When it comes to antioxidants, cinnamon ranks on top, surpassing even major superfoods!

Cut the Risk of Heart Disease

It is a proven fact that heart disease is a major cause of premature death worldwide. This is why cutting down the risk of heart disease is crucial. Ceylon cinnamon, grown in the luscious parts of the country, can help with this too. Consuming one teaspoon of cinnamon can have truly miraculous effects on your body cholesterol, blood pressure, and even diabetes. Due to this, Ceylon cinnamon can prevent the risk of heart disease in both young individuals and elders, as well. It is easy and beneficial to incorporate cinnamon into your everyday life and watch it change you for the better!

Cinnamon to Control Diabetes

Those who have diabetes have to force many restrictions on their diet and lifestyle. Due to the blood sugar-lowering properties in Ceylon cinnamon, one of the many benefits of Ceylon Cinnamon is its anti-diabetic properties.

Ceylon cinnamon doesn’t only impose its abundant insulin resistance properties to lower blood sugar. The amount of glucose absorbed by the blood limits when Ceylon cinnamon is present in the blood. Due to the action of cinnamon on the responsible digestive enzymes that break down carbohydrates. A component of Ceylon cinnamon provides similar reactions to insulin, which results in skyrocketed absorption of glucose in the blood.

Scientific studies show that cinnamon lowers fasting blood levels from up to 29%.

Ceylon Cinnamon Against Cancer

Uncontrolled growth of cells, cancer is responsible for thousands of deaths and has no proper cure to date. The properties of Ceylon cinnamon for its ability to fight cancer are major researches done in the modern-day. Extractions of cinnamon lower the rate of the growth of cells and the development of blood vessels in tumors. The final results of the studies using cinnamon led to the death of cancer cells.

Future research will aim to find the effect of true cinnamon against cancer in humans. Up to date, test tube experimenting of cinnamon to treat cancer is exceptionally successful. Besides, adding Ceylon cinnamon to your daily life is an obvious positive change.

Cinnamon Fight Bacterial and Fungal Infections

Controlling any bacterial and fungal infection is never easier than with the use of Ceylon cinnamon. The main active component of cinnamon, cinnamaldehyde, lowers the risk of infections. One of the ultimate benefits of Ceylon Cinnamon oil is to fight infections in the respiratory tract. Inhibiting the growth of salmonella and listeria are specialties of Ceylon cinnamon. Cinnamaldehyde acts by breaking down the membrane of the bacterial cells causing the death of these cells.

Using Ceylon cinnamon is the ultimate solution for those who are struggling with bad breath and tooth decay. Studies continue to see the effectivity of Ceylon cinnamon in combating infections in different parts of the body.

Weight Loss & Blood Pressure

When a person is of a healthy weight and has balanced blood pressure, that person is healthy. True cinnamon is one addition that will promote both these major enhances to a person’s health. High blood lipid content and high blood pressure is a one-way ticket to heart disease. If you wish to add sweetness to food or a beverage resulting in the minimum amount of calories, Ceylon cinnamon gets the job done.

Tests done on rats using Ceylon cinnamon lowered blood pressure. Furthermore, it promotes the lowering of blood lipid content. Thus, the risk of plaque blocking arteries will diminish.

Cinnamon for Anti-inflammatory

As time goes by, our body needs to be strengthened to fight infections that happen regularly. Inflammation is happening in your body for this reason, and yet, it can cause adverse effects for our health. Consuming delicious Ceylon cinnamon in your meals every day can help reduce inflammation significantly! This is one of the most surprising facts about cinnamon that repeated studies have shown. If inflammation is something you are fighting against, it is time to introduce rich and warm cinnamon into your diet. This is why Ceylon cinnamon is a truly magical all-round spice in the world.

Tests done on rats using Ceylon cinnamon lowered blood pressure. Furthermore, it promotes the lowering of blood lipid content. Thus, the risk of plaque blocking arteries will diminish.


The one true Ceylon cinnamon added to your life will do wonders. From pleasing your taste buds and sense of smell to making you healthy effortlessly. Cinnamon has shown remarkable results in treating major health complications that modern-day medicine struggles with. From helping a person lose weight, to facilitating your body’s fight against fungal and bacterial infections to limiting the growth of deadly cancer cells. It’s safe to say that Ceylon cinnamon is a gem for humankind.

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