Cinnamon is Which Part of Plant?

Cinnamon is Which Part of Plant

The word ‘cinnamon’ brings in pleasant memories of the heavenly aroma and the sweet taste. The cinnamon plant provides great uses to mankind. From creating the perfect spice for the culinary world to the most luxurious perfumes, cinnamon is a magical tree. As Ceylon cinnamon stars in many fields, the plant’s value is impeccable. This will have most us wondering cinnamon is which part of plant.

The simple answer is that the whole of the cinnamon plant is useful. The great possibilities of all parts of the cinnamon plant are astonishing. Let’s take a look at the products created by different parts of cinnamon to create a better human life.

The Cinnamon Leaf

Cinnamon Leaf

Cinnamon leaf oil has a light yellow colour and a prominent spicy aroma. The main difference between cinnamon leaf and cinnamon bark oil is its colour. Cinnamon bark oil is red-brown in colour. The cinnamon essential oil contains cinnamyl acetate, eugenol, benzyl benzoate, linalool and Eugenyl acetate.

Steam distilling cinnamon leaves in a process extracting a yield of 1.8% produces cinnamon leaf oil. The large plantations all across Sri Lanka provides aplenty of cinnamon leaves for the procedure. After the collection of the leaves, they undergo a natural drying process. Dry leaves are much more efficient in the distillation procedure.

What gives a great value to cinnamon leaf essential oil?

Cinnamon leaf oils have strong antibacterial, antiseptic and antifungal properties. Thus, is an extraordinary germicide. It is an eminent remedy for toenail fungus infections and athlete’s foot due to excellent antifungal properties. If you have cinnamon oil leaf, add 1% of it to water and you will have a strong disinfectant.

The field of dentistry uses cinnamon leaf oil for pains in gums and mouth. Using eugenol from the cinnamon leaf is a cheaper choice than the eugenol from cloves.

The extraordinary smell of the cinnamon leaf oil makes it a superior insect repellent. Furthermore, the aroma of the cinnamon leaf oil makes it an ideal odour neutraliser.

Cinnamon leaf oil is a primary ingredient in Ayurveda medicine as well. In Ayurveda, cinnamon, aka, Twak in Ayurvedic terms is a key ingredient in many medicinal preparations. Ayurvedic medicine for boosting digestion, clearing the airways and enhancing blood circulation are some of the Ayurvedic remedies using cinnamon as a key ingredient.

The Cinnamon Bark

The cinnamon bark is a star in the culinary world. Ceylon cinnamon barks is a well-known addition in various dishes, desserts and beverages. The negotiable amount of coumarin in Ceylon cinnamon makes it ideal for the everyday diet in comparison to cassia varieties of cinnamon. 

Ceylon cinnamon quills which come with a great price tag in the market. The fine portions of the inner bark of the cinnamon tree make cinnamon quills. After peeling the inner bark, a hands-on process created overlapped quills. The cinnamon quills are then air-dried from 4 to 7 days.

Grounding cinnamon quills create cinnamon powder. This is an example of the great versatility of cinnamon quills. Cinnamon bark essential oil consists of p-Cymene, (E)-Cinnamyl Acetate, (E)-Cinnamaldehyde, Eugenol, Linalool and B-Caryophyllene. 

Cinnamon bark oil helps in reducing inflammation, enhances blood circulation, acts as a great antioxidant and other medicinal values are abundant.

Cinnamon Extract

The elaborated answer to cinnamon is which part of plant doesn’t end there. Cinnamon extract creates the perfect toothpicks. Using toothpicks made from cinnamon has its benefits as it helps in keeping a clean mouth free from bacteria. For those who are trying to quit smoking, using cinnamon toothpicks are helpful. 

Where Can I Find a Cinnamon Factory in Sri Lanka

The evergreen Ceylon Cinnamon plant is grown all over the little island of Sri Lanka. From the central hill area to the coastal belt, there are cinnamon plantations countrywide.

Trip to Cinnamon Plantation Sri Lanka

As Sri Lanka is a cinnamon giant, there are cinnamon factories located countrywide, aiding to provide high-quality Ceylon cinnamon to the world while sustaining the lives of local workers.

And also Sri Lanka export board has listed board-certified Ceylon cinnamon manufacturers and distributors. You can buy pure Ceylon cinnamon from them for an affordable price.

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