How Cinnamon Helps to Boost Your Immunity System?

Cinnamon Helps to Boost Your Immunity System

What would you prefer? Heaps of prescriptions for outrageously expensive pharmaceutical products and over-the-counter-drugs? Or a freshly brewed cup of sweet cinnamon tea to beat your common cold? It’s probably one of the easiest choices you ever had to make because Cinnamon Helps to Boost Your Immunity System.

Either way, using these remedies boosts your immune system, not as a cure. However, the bottom line is that most of us will resort to medicinal drugs and ignore miracle spices like Ceylon cinnamon altogether. This is mainly because medicinal properties of cinnamon are often overlooked and trivialized. It’s truly a pity that this potent immune stimulator is often disregarded. The best is available to us Sri Lankans since Ceylon cinnamon is in the list of real, true spices. In a cinnamon abundant world, we should make use of the fact that Cinnamon Helps to Boost Your Immunity System.

Cinnamon Helps to Boost Your Immunity System

How does cinnamon help to boost immunity exactly?

Cinnamon is a spice that is rich in anti-oxidants which detoxify free radicals. This, in turns, boosts immunity. Free radicals are a by-product of our body’s oxygen consumption which can cause irreparable damage to cells if overlooked. The anti-oxidants in cinnamon also possess potent anti-inflammatory properties. This helps your body to reduce the risk of contracting diseases. Delving into its anti-inflammatory properties will also help us to discuss just how effective it is in boosting immunity.

Inflammation is the body’s natural response to infections and injury and it’s crucial to the process of healing. However, when inflammation is chronic, it’ll weaken the immune system and increase the body’s susceptibility to diseases. This can create various health complications such as heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer and asthma.

Thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties of cinnamaldehyde and other extraordinary features which contribute to Cinnamon Helps to Boost Your Immunity System. This is a volatile oil which gives cinnamon its pungent flavor and odor. All in all, cinnamon is ideal as a healthy, side-effect free immune stimulant to other options like drugs and steroids.

The aforementioned factors elicit just how important our immune system is. It plays a pivotal role in fending off diseases caused by bacteria, viruses and toxins. Hence, removing alien and malignant cells from our body. Having said that, the fact that it’s a self-defense mechanism doesn’t let one off the hook. Our role in fortifying immunity is equally important.

novel Corona virus or COVID-19

The discussion on immunity and ways to strengthen it has now become a hot topic in light of the novel corona virus outbreak that’s sweeping through every continent except Antarctica. The novel Corona virus or COVID-19 has no definitive cure. Not everyone contracts the disease and not everyone who contracts it dies. Hence, the key to ward off the virus lies in one’s immunity. Cinnamon, which has anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties can destroy bacteria, viruses. Ceylon cinnamon is instrumental in boosting your immunity and staying protected against the deadly corona virus. Here’s how…

The addition of cinnamon to daily meals

The addition of cinnamon to your daily meals, desserts and even your cup of tea will not only make them delectable. As a benefit, it will also prove to be a hassle-free way of boosting immunity.

Cinnamon hand-sanitizers

Owing to the anti-bacterial properties of Ceylon Cinnamon leaf oil, adding it to hand sanitizer gel effectively eliminates germs and act as a natural disinfectant.

As an incense

Even though incense may not have anti-bacterial properties, the distinct aroma of cinnamon will help you calm your nerves and reduce anxiety, stress and tension. All the feelings of unrest common will calm down in the presence of this lovely scent.

With insidious and deadly viruses like COVID-19 on the rise, we must adhere to a solid self-care routine. Switch to healthier alternatives in terms of what you consume. This is largely because the new corona virus tends to mess with your immune system causing inflammation. Switching to a healthy diet and loading up on immunity-boosting superfoods like cinnamon is extremely important to protect against such viruses. Even if one contracts the disease, such practices will improve chances of survival. So stay safe, stay strong and hang in there!


Do not ever make light of the value and power of nature’s remedies against all diseases. Ceylon Cinnamon, in this respect, is one of the most undervalued miracle spices as Cinnamon Helps to Boost Your Immunity System. Its anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic and anti-oxidant properties contribute to making it one of the most versatile spices out there. Note that choosing Ceylon Cinnamon is vital to gain these health benefits. Therefore, be careful from the cassia varieties of cinnamon easily available in markets. So, remember the next time you spend unnecessarily on prescribed drugs, that the cure-all is stored away in your spice cupboard!

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