Are Ceylon Cinnamon Capsules Safe?

Are Ceylon Cinnamon Capsules Safe

Cinnamon is a magical herb with lots of health benefits. It has a sweet taste as well as a pretty aroma. Therefore Asians, Americans, Europeans, and middle east countries are using Cinnamon in many ways. Therefore Cinnamon has a pretty good market around the world.

Cinnamon has two main categories. First one Ceylon Cinnamon or True Cinnamon. It’s mainly cultivated in Sri Lanka. And the second one is Cassia Cinnamon. In other words Fake Cinnamon. It comes from China. Same as Every product in the World, CInnamon also has duplicate products that China has manufactured. If you want to get the real benefits of CInnamon, you must choose Ceylon Cinnamon. It’s more expensive than the Cassia CInnamon. But it’s worth the price.

Cinnamon can be used in many ways. Each part of the cinnamon tree is used to make different products, such as Cinnamon Peels, Sticks, Leaf Oil, Bark Oil, Powder, Air Freshener, Cinnamon Capsules, etc.

Is Ceylon Cinnamon Safe?

Absolutely yes. Many pieces of research have proved it. Cassia Cinnamon is not safe like Ceylon Cinnamon. Cassia Cinnamon has a thousand times coumarin level than the Ceylon Cinnamon, which can harm your Liver. But the Ceylon Cinnamon has a small coumarin level. This small amount of coumarin is essential to burn our fat as well as the diabetic.

So when you buy Cinnamon, You must know How to identify the Ceylon Cinnamon at the Market. It’s not through the label. You must closely check the Cinnamon. And also, Never buy Cinnamon powder at the Market. Because Cassia Cinnamon is the most available cinnamon category and it’s very cheap. Cinnamon powder manufacturers mix Cassia with the Ceylon Cinnamon to get a better profit. So if you expect to buy real Cinnamon, you should buy Cinnamon Peels or Sticks and make Cinnamon powder at home.

Are Ceylon Cinnamon Capsules Safe?

Is Ceylon Cinnamon Safe?

We do not recommend Ceylon Cinnamon Capsules. Because How do you know they used Ceylon Cinnamon? Same as the Ceylon Powder manufacturer, we can’t trust the manufacturing materials. And also, from ancient times, Sri Lankans and Indians have been using Cinnamon. They are not using capsules or any other processed cinnamon products. They buy Cinnamon sticks at the market and make what they need at home. Sri Lankan people do not directly eat Cinnamon. They mix it with their food. It helps to improve the taste of their food, and they are taking the actual benefits of Cinnamon. It’s the recommended way to use Cinnamon, as mentioned in Ancient ayurvedic books. Therefore We do not recommend using Cinnamon directly as capsules. You can make tasty food by using this magical herb.

And also, Cinnamon sticks are more affordable than Cinnamon capsules. So Why are you paying more for a useless thing?

How to Use Cinnamon Safely?

There are many ways to use Cinnamon safely. Here are some methods to use Cinnamon

  1. Buy Cinnamon Sticks and Make Cinnamon Powder at Home. Then use this Cinnamon powder in small amounts (1 teaspoon a day) with your Soup, fresh juice, or any other food.
  2. Mix Cinnamon Powder with your Milk or Ceylon Tea 
  3. Make Cinnamon Butter by Using Home Made Cinnamon Powder. 
  4. You can add Cinnamon Quills to your Soup, Coffee, or tea (Add it while making the coffee. Remove when you drink it)
  5. Can eat Home Made Cinnamon Powder with Bee Honey


Are Ceylon Cinnamon Capsules Safe? The simple answer is no. In this article, we explained the reason. If you need to use Cinnamon and get the real benefits, You must use Ceylon Cinnamon. Avoid Cassia Cinnamon. And also, always buy Cinnamon Quills and make the powder at home. You can see our Ceylon Cinnamon buying tips. Article to learn about how to identify the Ceylon Cinnamon at the market. There are many sellers at Most of them are selling Ceylon Cinnamon. But be aware of Ceylon Cinnamon and try to buy Ceylon Cinnamon from board-certified Sellers. If it is challenging to find, Drop us a message through our Facebook page. We will help you with that. Eat Cinnamon. Stay Safe and Strong.

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